Fall Athletic Awards

At Wednesday’s School Meeting, Mr. Howe announced all of this fall’s athletic award winners and congratulated all of the fall teams and coaches on a successful fall season! The celebration was highlighted by the football captains presenting Dr. Austin with the NEPSAC Danny Smith Bowl championship trophy for their victory (27-14) over Belmont Hill on Saturday, November 18, 2023. In addition, the girls varsity soccer team was honored with the annual sporting conduct award from the Western Mass Soccer Officials Association. The plaque to commemorate this award was presented to team captain’s by WMSOA president, Artie Burke. Finally, Mr. Howe’s seasonal Top-10 received great applause from the audience!

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Mr. Howe’s Top-10

Someday, when I look back on the Fall of 2023 – school spirit, student leadership, and so many successes will flow easily back to me.
Fall teams and co-curricular performers have set the tone for an outstanding year. The atmosphere I see now all around campus is one of the best I’ve seen in my career.
This Top Ten you’re about to hear was challenging to name just the best. There just isn’t enough time to give credit to all the rest. Teams had great seasons, performers amazed us all. We saw great things on stage, with voice and instrument, and all those playing with a ball.
Starting us off at TEN we had a student show great character reaching a personal new plateau. She played for girls’ soccer when she was desperately needed. Her name is Brooke Stroh.
Let’s stay with girls’ soccer a bit longer and mention these two outstanding feats; First, they played their best when it counted the most by beating Choate – giving them one of their worst defeats. Secondly, throughout the season they were recognized as class acts by the refs placing them among the elites.
Girls soccer is NINE and coming next at EIGHT is something where all of you carried some weight. This year’s Choate Day our teams went 8-2-2 and won the day with no debate. Performances by all teams made us proud on the beautiful fall day. The record, combined with great student support and good sportsmanship all around made for the best Deerfield display!
At SEVEN, one of my favorite stories to watch unfold this season comes from the boys Varsity soccer team. Kai, Gavin and Jeffry helped shape the team’s culture into “being the best teammate” theme. Their nine wins against a very tough schedule is the best we’ve seen in years. Great work by you seniors, and with a returning group of younger players we get the sense that next year will have more cheers.
At SIX, my hat goes off to the cast and crew of Dracula for their incredible run of shows. I saw this show on night #2 and my admiration for all those involved naturally rose. The energy and commitment to excellence within every role was a great reminder to me I suppose, that whatever passion comes your way – one should embrace it, commit to it, and make sure it grows. Well done crew!
At FIVE – we recognize our two Harrier squads that both had seasons to promote. They combined to win at least 5 maybe six times against our rival Choate! If that’s not enough to give them cheers, then perhaps a nod to the 26 senior runners is in order. All have had leadership roles and were considered a valued performer. Every member of these two teams just loves getting after a run. They say no one “plays Cross-country” and character is made on those rare days you run without fun.
It’s now time to give our sub – varsity teams some recognition for their good plays. THREE teams stand out among the many deserving of such high praise. I’ll give the number FOUR spot to J.V. Field Hockey, Thirds Volleyball, and to the Jr. B Quad Squad. Their skill level is high and some opponents may think their sub-varsity name is a façade.
Linnea, Josephine, Lila, and Juliet led field hockey to their undefeated year, while Bonnie and Fiona kept the Thirds volleyball loss column clear. And finally, Arvin, Matias, and P.J. helped shape good sportsmanship and fun helping Quad Squad to a stellar 7-1-1 run.
Daniel, Kenan, Vedran, Ben, HD, and the 2 Wills provide good depth that brought 10 wins to our successful water polo team. However, in the end this team fell shy of attaining their playoff dream.
Talent was there in abundance and their competition was always so strong. This group was classy to the end and showed all of us throughout their season they belong.
At number TWO is a team that’s familiar with the post-season scene. Our field hockey team powered their way to an 11-5 record – again making the playoffs for Big Green!
MacKenzie, Deluca, Davies, Loh and Miller led this team with their grit and love of game and team – leaving behind a legacy for others what wearing the Green should mean. A rebuild is on the horizon as they lose 10 players come season’s end. It will be up to those returners to maintain such a positive trend.
Finally, at the TOP of the list we have two teams I can’t separate apart. Football and volleyball, we knew would have championship-like seasons even before the fall’s start.
Volleyball stumbled early before coming away with 12 wins all on a stringer. They lost in the semis to the eventual winner. We say goodbye to 4 seniors who will be missed and makes our returning ranks slimmer. However, with the strength coming back next year the goal is to have Pelican for dinner!
Football earned a Bowl Bid and played in the Danny Smith Bowl – We faced the ISL Champ Belmont Hill and winning was their only goal. From the very first drive our team showed their host who was likely going to win. At game’s end we had both championship trophy and a collective grin.
Three cheers for the 7-3 Bowl Champions and NE Semi-finalists that day. The parents in both stands led cheers of Hip Hip Hooray!
Now on to the winter season you go, and let’s hope winter teams remember what they saw. If they do, they’re sure to leave our opponents in awe!


The Moreau C. Hunt Award: Bobbie Hua
Peter C. Brush Award: Isaac Bakare

The Moreau C. Hunt Award: Skye Georgiadis
Peter C. Brush Award: Kaitlyn Xia

VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY                                       
The Deerfield Cup: Ella Davies and Kate MacKenzie

Thomas Williams Ashley Memorial Award: Ethan Roossien
Frank Dahowski Award: Cole Bennett and Zell Lassiter

The Holbrook Ellis Cup: Kai Darrell

The Marjorie Ellis Cup: Kaelin Creagh

The Coaches Award: Evie A. Mokarow

Most Outstanding Player: Ben Levai 


JV FIELD HOCKEY           
Most Improved Player: Esther Lee
Most Valuable Player: Josephine Cramer

Most Valuable Player: Hawk Okpokwasili

GIRLS JV SOCCER                  
Most Improved Player: Adeeva  Alli

Most Valuable Player: Hazel Secker

Most Valuable Player: Joe Berman

Most Improved Player: Jerry Du
Most Valuable Player: Michael Hioe

Most Improved Player: Arvin Mou

Most Valuable Player: Devon Coleman
Most Improved: Alice Wu

Most Valuable Player: Bonnie Pang

Most Determined Player: Yong Ding

Go Big Green!