Doors of the Week

This newly expanded weekly student award, formerly known as Athletes of the Week, is a weekly opportunity to recognize students from all co-curriculars and teams. Students are nominated by their coach or cocurricular supervisor. The students receiving this award have gone above-and-beyond, demonstrated great character, put others first, supported their peers or just doing something awesome. Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week!

Girls Rowing: Claire Cummings ’21 & Kikka Giudici ’20

From the moment we learned our training trip to Florida was canceled, this team has done nothing but make its coaching staff proud.  The captains, Claire Cummings and Kikka Giudici, immediately mobilized and created training teams to compete with each other for training mileage. Via a shared Google doc, all members of the team—from seasoned veterans to total newcomers–contributed workouts and helped the group amass a staggering training total for the last five weeks.  Through it all, their positivity has helped all of us (coaches included!) keep our spirits high, train well, and feel connected to a larger community with a common purpose.  Though they won’t get to show their stuff on the water this spring, we know that this team would have been a force to be reckoned with. Thank you DAGVC and Go Big Green!

Community Service: Juliette Lowe ’21 & Thomas Lyons ’21

Juliette Lowe and Thomas Lyons who conceived, planned, and executed an Easter scavenger hunt for the local Deerfield children because the annual Easter Egg hunt had to be canceled. Both Juliette and Thomas represented the best of us when they took the time to do this! Many thanks to Juliette and Thomas!

Go Big Green!