Doors of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week!

Boys Thirds Basketball: Jack Wagner ’26
Jack Wagner ’26 is the door of the week for Thirds boys Basketball. Jack has been a positive presence and a helpful member of the team. Itching to get into every game on every time out, Jack’s positivity and competitiveness are infectious.  Jack has also demonstrated real leadership off the court, collecting all of the uniforms before and after the most recent trip to Suffield.

Girls Varsity Hockey: Izzy Cericola ’24
With three games this week, Deerfield hockey had to rely on grit and determination to succeed three hard fought battles. Throughout the week Izzy brought intensity and focus to every shift. She played a 200 foot game, broke every puck out, had crucial backchecks & d zone coverage, and engaged offensively with speed and great net drive. She was a player we could count on in all areas on the ice and gave our team momentum in key moments. Izzy brought a great energy and attitude to the games and was a big part of our success this week! We’re excited by Izzy’s on-ice leadership in her second year with our team, and can’t wait to see what she does in the rest of our season.

Boys JV Hockey: Cole Rorick ’26
Boys J.V. hockey coaches nominate Cole Rorick for this week’s Dorr of the Week honors. Cole works very hard every week on his hockey skills, strength and conditioning, and being a great teammate. He scored a huge goal for his team in Saturday’s 4-2 win over Choate. Every team needs a handful of Coles to have optimal success. He’s a contributor at both ends of the ice. He outworks everyone. His attention to detail makes him super dependable. He does all this and is also a great personality to have on the team. Keep up the good work Cole! Your play and your line make us a better team!

Boys JV Basketball: Teddy Hamadeh ’26
Teddy has been instrumental in our first two wins of the year. Against Westminster, he contributed an impressive double-double with 16 points and 12 rebounds. Teddy is an enthusiastic competitor, supportive teammate, and coachable player.

Girls Thirds Squash: Lilly Oliver ‘26
Lilly Oliver ‘26 came out strong in her first ever squash match–and won! Her athleticism was impressive: she was active and energetic on the court, positioning herself effectively to hit difficult-to-return shots. What a strong start to the season, and we look forward to tracking her squash journey this year!

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving: Elizabeth Kelly ’25
EK is recognized as DAGVSD’s Door of the Week for her positive and encouraging attitude both on and off the pool deck. She is quick to greet teammates and coaches, offer words of encouragement, share a laugh, and get the high fives going after a challenging set. Across the first three weeks of the season, she’s established herself a leader on the team and helped set a positive tone for the season. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

JV Swimming: Yong Ding ’27 and Louis Calderwood ‘27
JV Swim would like to nominate Yong and Louis for this week’s DOTW. As the only boys in the pool this season, these two have been rocking it practice after practice. Yong has shown some serious power in the pool in these first few weeks, especially while swimming freestyle and backstroke. He has also been impressively present, patient, and hard-working during each practice. He thoughtfully absorbs feedback and has already made great strides in his butterfly and starts. Louis is eager to push himself, improve his technique, and connect with his team. He showed off his stellar butterfly in today’s time trial – an exciting strength on the JV swim team, as the stroke can be difficult for new swimmers. On JV swim, we end each team meeting with “three good things” from our lives in and out of the pool and Louis always has some happiness to share with the team! His positivity is infectious. This dynamic duo faces challenges head on and has been having a lot of fun together in lane 4. We’re excited to see them grow this season!

Girls JV Basketball: Harm Dobbins ’26
The Door of the Week for Girls JV Basketball is Harm Dobbins ‘26. Harm played a crucial role in our 46-10 victory over Saint Paul’s School, bringing in 10 points. In the past few weeks, she has become an excellent rebounder. She always immediately shoots the ball back up and prevents our opponents from doing the same. Harm is a wonderful player on both offense and defense, and we are so glad to have her on the team this year.

Go Big Green!