Doors of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week!

JV Swimming: Melissa Chun ’24 and Teagan Farley ‘26
JV swimming is excited to nominate Melissa Chun as the Door of the Week. Melissa is a quiet but hard-working member of the team, giving her best efforts to the most challenging practices of the season in the last two weeks.  Melissa’s efforts have moved her up a lane and her mentoring efforts with new swimmers is laudable.  She has already swum some new events this season, the 200 freestyle and the 100 IM, making her a versatile member of the team.

Teagan Farley has been making waves in her first season on the JV swim team.  She leads the way in practice, swimming consistent repeats and demonstrating perseverance and dedication.  A champion of distance events and the backstroke, she has already become a vital part of the team and can be depended upon for speedy relay splits. We are so excited have Teagan on the team and cannot wait to see how much she improves!

Boys Thirds Basketball: Tyler Long ’26 and Tucker Gongaware ‘26
Tyler and Tucker have started and played significant minutes in each of our games and together account for much of our scoring and rebounding. They have also carried the defensive responsibility of protecting the basket as front court players. Most importantly, these two work hard every day in practice to improve as players and help the team get better.

Boys JV Squash: Jack Willett ‘23
Jack has been a reliable and generous captain for this team. He practices and plays matches with wonderful balance of hard work, competitiveness, and sportsmanship. In his recent loss to Eaglebrook’s #1 player, he showed his team how to work hard to the finish against a good player. Jack is deeply respected and held in high esteem.

Conditioning for Athletes Class
Each member of the conditioning class deserves to be recognized for their commitment, positivity, respect for one another and pure determination to give their all in each and every class. Fantastic job everyone, well done!

Chas Arnold ’25, Mason Brozek ‘24, Lila DeLuca ‘24, Linnea Dreslin ‘24, JT Gally ‘26, Henry Griffin ‘24, Avery Izzo ‘24, Jeffry Kamil ‘24, Wuyee Ke ‘26, Allison Kostiuk ‘25, Zachary Li ‘25, Lauren Loh ‘24, Loran McGruder ‘24, Diego Morales ‘24, Abigail Ng ‘25, Jon Sainma ‘26, Kabir Sheth ‘25, Gracie Spencer ‘25, Greta Trapp ‘25, Aiden Van Epps ‘25, Max Wang ‘25

Girls Thirds Squash: Eugenia Leaviant ‘26
Eugenia Leviant has been on fire this squash season, taking on new challenges with ease and enthusiasm. Nothing phases Eugenia, which makes her a fierce competitor and calm, cool, and collected teammate. Her game gets stronger every day, as evidenced by her recent decisive victory while competing away at Taft.

Theater Department: Jules De Beauport ’23 and Hawk Okpokwasili ‘25
As part of the theater tech crew, Jules has really stepped up this week. He is consistent, has a good attitude and he shows up on time. He has accumulated many building skills over the various productions in which he has participated throughout his time here at Deerfield. Those skills have grown, and he’s been a capable and incredibly helpful technician. Thanks, Jules!

Hawk has been memorizing mountains of words for the upcoming production of Fools, A Comic Fable. He has been working tirelessly to stretch his comfort zone and articulate avalanches of text. He produces creative ideas to add zest to the show. He is always kind to his cast mates and considerate to his directors. Hawk is a strong leader and a compassionate friend to all. Keep up the great work, Hawk!

Boys JV Hockey: Rob Callender ‘26
This week Boys JV hockey wants to recognize Rob Callender for his play against Choate last Saturday. Rob is one of our defensemen on the team and he scored two key goals helping his team to a 6-4 win over Choate. Rob works very hard each day in practice and outside of practice to better his skills. He scored the game winning with under three minutes left in the game on a shot from the point. He is a good teammate and one of the top defensemen on the team. Keep working Rob!

Girls Varsity Basketball: Brooke Stroh ‘24
Girls Varsity Basketball’s Door of the Week is Brooke Stroh ‘24. Day in and day out, Brooke arrives on the court with her characteristic smile and desire to improve her basketball skills. Over the past few games, Brooke has tenaciously stepped into a starting position and played with great intensity and focus, contributing immensely to our team. Brooke is a fabulous person and athlete to coach, and it’s been a pleasure to see her growth over the past two seasons! We look forward to the rest of this season with this great player.

Go Big Green!