Athletic Awards – Winter 2023-2024

On Wednesday, the Deerfield community gathered at School Meeting to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of all the winter co-curriculars and teams.

Athletic Director Mr. Howe kicked off the celebration by welcoming the community to the first School Meeting of the spring term. He was followed by Mrs. Hynds, who invited senior students from the winter performances to share the impact of their visual and performing arts experience. A shout out to all of the students who participated in and contributed to the success of all of the winter term performances from the Student Choreography Showcase to the musical Alice by Heart and December’s performance of the Nutcracker to name a few.

Mr. Howe returned to the stage to announce the junior varsity and thirds award winners from the past season. He then continued the tradition of sharing his Top-10 from the season in poetic fashion. Finally, the varsity award winners from the winter season were honored.

Congratulations to all of this winter’s co-curricular participants, supervisors and coaches!

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Go Big Green!


Boys JV Basketball
Most Valuable Player – Will Machnik

Girls JV Basketball
Most Valuable Player – Giorgia Santore and Emily Rice

Boys Thirds Basketball
Most Improved Player – Eddie Andrews
Most Valuable Player – Michael Hioe

Girls Thirds Basketball
Coaches’ Award – Ellora Devitre

Boys JV Hockey
Most Improved Player – Cole Rorick

Girls JV Hockey
Most Improved Player – Liana Chen
Most valuable Player – Haley Abraham

Boys JV Squash
Most Improved Player – Jack Keller

Girls JV Squash
Most Valuable Player – Taryn Boonpongmanee

Boys Thirds Squash
Most Improved Player – Gunnar Moore
Most Valuable Player – Nikhil Lebaka

Girls Thirds Squash
Most Improved Player – Tashvi Reddy
Most Valuable Player – Eugenia Leviant

JV Swimming
Most Improved Swimmer – Louis Calderwood
Most Valuable Swimmer – Ella Davies

Girls Varsity Basketball
Hustle and Heart Award – Anna B. Dyjach

The Keller-Birrell Award – Harlowe R. Healey
For that player who manifests the spirit of Robin Keller and Katie Birrell, Class of 1992. They led by example and played with intensity, courage, and passion.

Boys Varsity Basketball
Deerfield Basketball Trophy (MVP) – Justin A. Odibo
Most Improved Player (MIP) – Liam T. McBride

Girls Varsity Hockey
Most Valuable Player – Annie G. Dinges

Boys Varsity Hockey
The Deerfield Hockey Cup – Tom O. Molson
To that senior who in the opinion of the players and coaches contributed most to the spirit and excellence of Deerfield hockey.

The 7th Player Award – John C. Tolve

Girls Varsity Skiing
Brooke Gonzalez ‘97 Cup – Cecelia M. Cramer
For the Best Girl Skier. Based on points earned in the league.

Arthur H. Ruggles Jr. ’33  Ski Award – Josephine D. Cramer
Chosen by the coaches, it is given to a member of the ski team who most represents dedication to and love for Deerfield simply by doing their best for the school through the ski team.

Boys Varsity Skiing
Scott Kelnberger ‘79 Award – Johnny Monty
For the Best Boy Skier. Based on points earned in the league.

Douglas Parker, Jr. Award – Johnny Monty
To that Deerfield skier (boy) who has exemplified the qualities of Douglas Parker, a skier who developed collegiate ability through his dedication to the sport, a dedication derived not for fame but rather from a personal search to find his maximum ability.  To Doug Parker, success did not necessarily mean good results; it meant skiing the best he could.

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving 
Most Valuable Swimmer – Margot E. McAuliffe
The Coaches’ Award – Hasini R. Pundla

Boys Varsity Swimming & Diving
Noel J. Stace Challenge Cup – Ryan A. Amundson
To that senior who has come up through the swimming system who has demonstrated ability, leadership, improvement and devotion to the sport.

John A. Pigeon Award – Levi W. Tipton, Will Hill and Daniel Wareham
To be given to that senior who in the opinion of the coaches is the outstanding swimmer on the basis of his contribution to the sport.

Girls Varsity Squash
The Karinne Heise Cup – Camila G. Cushman
In Honor of Karinne Heise – head girls varsity squash coach, 1989-2019. Given annually to a member of the girls varsity squash team who best exemplifies the skills, dedication to the sport, and team-first leadership which were so important to Coach Heise.

Boys Varsity Squash
Bayne Bowl – Ocean Feng and Christian H. Capella
In memory of Bruce Bayne – 1944. To that player who exemplifies the qualities Bruce Bayne ’44 brought to the game of squash while at Deerfield.  His championship qualities of natural talent, sportsmanship, leadership and the will to be the best are what the game of squash is all about. The recipient of this award should be proud of and build on her accomplishments in squash and in life.

Deerfield Academy Wrestling Trophy – Kai Darrell
Awarded to that member of the varsity wrestling team who in the opinion of the team and coaches was outstanding in leadership, sportsmanship, and ability.

Mr. Howe’s Top-10

That time is here and now, it is what you seniors have been waiting for. In just under 10 weeks from now you will all become an Alumni Door.

The experiences you’ve been having on teams and in the performing arts will last a lifetime and for many it’s where that long-lasting friendship starts.

The Deerfield winter is long, but it has been your energy that allowed all programming to finish strong.

On any given day we saw performances on stage, on ice and courts, in the pool, or playing something cool. Your support of one another does so much for who we are as a community and a school.

This Top Ten starts off with someone who loves this place and praises others each week as examples of how we should aspire to be. His actions will leave a legacy. A big shout out to Grant Ramsay

At nine, let us talk about a group of students winning competitions time and again led by Justin Ahn. Our Debate Team stands tall in the league across all schools, and Justin you will be missed when you are gone. Unnoticed too often is the Robotics team gang. They too do incredible stuff led by Emma Wilmott and Kevin Yang.

So, let us go to eight, and recognize two more for punching well above their weight. Freshman Gage Calhoun earned a silver medal in the New England Diving Championship meet – while senior Toler Poole, new to the sport a few years ago, took the bronze. Now that is quite a feat.

Lucky seven brings us wrestling and this team surprised me a lot. The team stayed healthy and a winning record of 12-6 they earned and got. Kai, Dylan, Katherine, and Xavier were the senior leaders on this up-and-coming team. They led by example and carried well the “not for me, but for team” theme.

The sub-varsity spirit is alive and well at Deerfield and two teams take spot number 6! So many good stories moved me to take two picks. The Boys Thirds basketball led by Jonny and Hawk, played well under pressure causing teams to stammer and gawk. Then, there is girls’ JV squash, and this team spent their winter enjoying a large winning spree. They were led well by seniors Carey and Boonpongmanee.

At number five, let us highlight two games that made the student cheering section come alive. The Class of ’53 Gym saw the best game of the season on that last night. The boys team beat Choate making their season finale more than all right. On the Wednesday just prior, our girls’ team also got a much-needed win. I want to thank Avery, Anna, Harlowe and Nancy for leading others all season long with courage and disciple.

At Four, occasionally, there comes a situation when there is someone that a team could not survive without. A player like this deserves recognition and today I would like to give them a shout. When you are the single goalie on a good team, in av very competitive league – the pressure must be intense it would seem to me. This player stood tall deflecting both puck and pressure; my congratulations go out to Campbell Krotee.

Boys and Girls Squash teams had great seasons of which we can all agree. There are three individuals that have been recognized nationally that take the stage at three. Hart and Christian both competed at the British Junior Open and represented Team USA there. Grace Lodge is a freshman – nationally known – and her opponents she does scare. These players work hard, as does every other teammate. Squash at Deerfield is not just good, it’s great!

At two, there are two teams that made post-season tournament play. Girls and boys’ hockey showed promise early on as their seasons got underway. In the end, the girls made the Elite 8 reaching their pre-season goal. While the boys earned entry to the Large School Tournament when they finished their season on a roll.

This winter’s top spot goes to the Boys Swimming and Diving team for their incredible last meet. Swimming at New England’s and placing anywhere in the top five would have made their season complete. But their performances had the grit and determination few teams have ever shown. Their surge placed them third, maybe second, bringing them so close to the throne.

There are stars on this team, and you need that to be great. But depth, culture, and talent in both programs makes Deerfield Aquatics a top program without debate. Congrats to you all for your tremendous season in our pool. Swimming at Deerfield is definitely cool.

With winter behind us we look to the spring and getting back to the practice and playing games routine. Let us remember the good things we hold dear – fair play and sportsmanship – and play hard for Big Green.

Go Big Green!