Event Details

Members of the Deerfield girls’ rowing team traveled to Northfield, MA  to compete against Nobles and Greenough School at Northfield Mount Hermon.  The weather and water conditions on the Connecticut River made for a great day of racing: sunny, warm, and light winds!  A big thanks to the host school, NMH, for organizing and running this race between Deerfield and Nobles!

Full race results can be found here.

In the first race of the afternoon for the girls’ team, the crew of Valerie Trevino ‘26, Izzy Cericola ‘24, Katherine Goltra ‘27, Sylvie Sobotka ‘26, Ella Waag ‘26, Cecy Yazwinski ‘27, Maggie Monroe ‘26, Edie Huffard ‘25, and Plum Schiff ‘27  raced against Nobles.  Nobles jumped out to a quick start against Deerfield, establishing an advantage early in the contest.  The girls from DA had a difficult time managing their starting sequence and found it difficult to settle into a sustainable rhythm.  Nonetheless, they fought hard and remained competitive with a very determined and skilled crew from Nobles, working their way back into the Nobles lead.  Nearing the finish, the Deerfield crew put in a strong sprint to close the margin even more, but were unable to come back on terms with Nobles, who finished in a time of 5:45 ahead of DA in 5:55.  It was a gutsy row from Deerfield and they will be eager to return to practice this week ahead of their final race of the season at St. Paul’s School.

At the end of the race schedule was the Deerfield girls’ fifth boat race.  The crew of Vi Reddy ‘27, Ellie Maeda ‘27, Saadia Ouermi ‘27, Skylar Ricketts ‘27, Charlotte McFadzean ‘26, Cecy Yazwinski ‘27, Katherine Goltra ‘27, Annie Egleston ‘27 and Plum Schiff ‘27 raced against their Nobles counterpart.  As in the 4V race, Nobles used an aggressive start to gain an early advantage over Deerfield.  The girls from DA raced hard but found it difficult to make up ground on their opponent.  By  the end of the race, Nobles had established a sizable lead, crossing in 5:56 ahead of Deerfield in 6:29.  This group is eager to prepare for their final race against St. Paul’s and Exeter!

The racing experience against Nobles provided a learning opportunity for the girls from Deerfield and they look forward to carrying the lessons learned forward into a productive week of practice and a final weekend of racing for this group on 5/18 at St. Paul’s School against SPS and Exeter.  Many thanks to the parents who were able to travel to Northfield and view the racing!  Go Big Green!