Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. Williston (04/13/24 10:45 AM)

Event Details

Today was our first tournament! It was held at the home of the Wildcats, Williston (as well as home of the hammer). We played three amazing games, first with Hotchkiss, second with Choate, and lastly with Williston.

Charlie Rolland ‘26 played great defense, smashing down any frisbees that came her way. She also scored a fantastic goal! Jeanlukas Meza ‘26 played an amazing cup, working hard to block our opponents! Ephraim Toni Tutu ‘24, Zohan Subhash ‘26, Baokun Chen ‘25, Brandon Smith ‘26, Henry Zhenag ‘24 and Maeve Donovan ‘27 played their first game today! Ephriam slid into the end zones, scoring with amazing on-the-brink catches. Congrats to Ephriam, and Hazel Secker ‘26 who both won the great spirt awards from our friends Williston and Choate. Davey Mazur ‘24 had tons of energy and seemed to always be in the right place at the right time. He kept the team energy high and spirits moving! Josh Freedman ‘26 had crazy fakes that tricked the other team multiple times! We won two out of the three games and had an amazing time! We scored many goals, we had great defense, and we consistently modeled Spirit of the Game.