Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. Westminster School (04/10/24 3:15 PM)

Event Details

Ultimate Frisbee had its first away game! Despite the challenges, our entire team, both on and off the field, kept the spirit of the game going, making great throws and cheering for each other. Josh ‘26 went crazy with his fakes, causing opponents to fully commit to the wrong side, and Charlie ‘26 had some great cuts, surprising her opponents at every turn.

Despite being unable to get many points in, our super hammer, Diego ‘24, played an awesome defense, with Nikhil ‘24 smacking down many of his opponent’s discs and Hazel ’26 starring as blocking champion in the midfield. Davey ‘24 played amazingly, completing a total of eight knockdowns at or near the endzone over the course of the game. Shoutouts also go to Jean ‘26 for standing up for what is right, ensuring that our opponents didn’t disrespect the rules. Despite the score outcome, we developed our skills of defense and finding space on the field to move and throw next.  We are excited for our upcoming three-game mini tournament on Saturday, at Williston! Wish us luck!