Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. NMH (04/27/24 12:00 PM)

Event Details

Today we had a blissful day at Northfield, where the NMH players and coaches hosted a tournament on their beautiful campus. We played four challenging but amazing games. Josh Freedman ’26 had phenomenal intersections.  He was knocking down disks of the opposing team left and right, seizing them so they switched to our possession, which left everyone cheering loudly!  Max Peh ’24 had remarkable positioning.  He was everywhere he needed to be, conquering the field. Justin Ahn ’24, Ashish Sharma ’24, and Preyas Sinha ’24 had terrific cuts.  They moved spectacularly and helped out the handlers. Hazel Secker ’26 played a fearless defense, as well, flawlessly guarding the people that they were supposed to, as well as running to knock disks straight from the air after opponents made a pass. Although we were not victorious, the team had fun playing in the radiant weather.

Game 1: Loss.  DA 6, Monument Mountain 9.

Game 2: Loss. DA 6, Lincoln Sudbury 9.

Game 3: Loss. DA 7, Saint Sebastian 11.

Game 4: Loss. DA 8, NMH 9.