Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. Frontier High School (04/24/24 4:30 PM)

Event Details

Ultimate had an astounding away game at Frontier High School! We beat the time cap by just 7 minutes! The weather surprised us with not one, but two rainbows, one of them showing Frontier as what’s at the end of the rainbow!

Despite initially fearing our opponents, we rose to the occasion and won! Shout out to Joshua’26 for amazing pulls! Preyas’24 and Max’24 stunned their opponents through field quickly by passing frisbee back-and-forth! Davey’24 slammed down the disks every single time. Jean’26 made an awesome long-distance catch! Ephraim’24 made great catches as well! Ashish’24 also made amazingly breathtaking throws! Congrats to everyone on the team for winning! Some of our goals were assisted or completed by Oscar’24, Justin’24, Sammy’25, Hazel’26!

Our next game will be away at the Eagle Hill School at 4:30 pm! Wish us Luck!