Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. Eagle Hill School (04/26/24 4:30 PM)

Event Details

On our second Friday away game, we played against Eagle Hill School, a great opponent. Despite the long bus ride and the amount of games we had ahead of us this week, the team was full of excitement and energy.

Though our team was playing well, we had an ultimate comeback once the tensions were high. I guess we play even better under pressure! Justin ’24 was an awesome wing when we used the cup while playing defense!  Hazel ’26, with their jaw-dropping catches, always radiated positivity, despite us being down over ten points in the beginning! Davey ’24 became the Flash, always taking the disk from the opponent’s team without them even seeing him coming! Charlie ’26, was a resilient player who, despite being pushed down by the other opponents, always got up and kept going. Great catches!  All in all, we went home content with how our team had improved so much with one game. Go Big Green!