Tennis (Girls): Varsity vs. Hotchkiss (04/27/24 3:00 PM)

Event Details

Deerfield’s varsity tennis ladies were back at it on Saturday with Hotchkiss visiting. With the exception of some mercurial wind gusts, the weather was ideal for this final contest of April. 

The doubles phase delivered the most exciting tennis of the afternoon. Shortly after spinning racquets, Hotchkiss was off to a hot start. Big Green’s doubles pairs were down one or more games on every court. First doubles team, Natalia Sanders and Avery Brooker, settled in and found their groove to keep things close. After the sixth game, the two rattled off three straight games to take the lead and keep it. The match went 8-6 in Deefield’s favor. 

Second doubles team, Giorgia Santore and Linnea Dreslin, found themselves in a 1-3 hole before punching back. Battling for every point, the pair pulled to within one game. This team’s baseline strength and ever-growing confidence at the net is must-see tennis. Credit goes to the blue team, closing out this match 8-6. Third doubles continued the comeback theme. Kate Mackenzie and Maggie Molson climbed back into their match after falling behind 1-4. These two applied steady play and strategy, utilizing space and pace until they’d flipped the score. A gutsy finish to earn the 8-6 win put Deerfield up 2-1 as the doubles phase ended.  

Maggie Molson continued her winning ways at fifth singles, earning a gritty second set, tie-break win. Molson seems to grow stronger and tougher to beat with each passing week. 

Ultimately, Hotchkiss would earn the win with victories at the other singles positions. Deerfield will be back in action on Wednesday with St. Paul’s visiting. 

Individual Results:


  1. Sanders/Brooker: 8-6
  2. Santore/ Dreslin: 6-8
  3. MacKenzie/ Molson: 8-6

Order of Finish: 3, 1, 2


  1. Avery Brooker: 0-6, 3-6
  2. Giorgia Santore: 3-6, 3-6
  3. Linnea Dreslin: 0-6, 2-6
  4. Kate MacKenzie: 0-6, 2-6
  5. Maggie Molson: 6-3, 6-6 (7-2)
  6. Ava Carvel: 2-6, 1-6

Order of Finish:  3, 1, 6, 4, 2, 6