Lacrosse (Girls): Varsity vs. Westminster School (04/27/24 2:30 PM)

Event Details

Saturday, April 27th, the team traveled down to Westminster to compete for the LBC bowl, honoring the life and legacy of Lindsay Bugbee Crosby, a former community member of both DA and Westminster. DA took a large lead in the first quarter— ending the twelve minutes with a 10-0 advantage. The team continued to score but at a slower pace into the third and fourth quarters. While at times the defense fouled in the eight, granting Westminster free position opportunities, both goalkeepers, Olivia Smit and Kate Doucette, came up with stops, denying Westminster from gaining momentum. After the fourth quarter, the score was 16-6, favoring Deerfield. Next, Deerfield finishes up their three-game away streak at Loomis on Wednesday.