Lacrosse (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. NMH (04/17/24 3:00 PM)

Event Details

In today’s game against NMH, this great group of girls won with a nine-point lead at halftime and ended with a 12-1 win. Today was cloudy but warm and breezy with the sun peeking through at the beginning of the game. Player 3 on the opposing team scored one goal in the second half. The ref’s names were Doug and Jill, two very funny and experienced refs. Moving on to team Deerfield, Campbell Ardrey ‘26 scored 2 goals. There was 1 shot each from Allie Corrieri and Sophie Frost. In the end, there was one goal each from: Campbell Krotee ‘25, Sophie Simmonds, Kate Chorske, Claire Kepner, Neva Nevab, Allie Corrieri, Eliza Todd, Georgia Ball, Ava Giroux, and Greta Trapp.