Lacrosse (Boys): Junior Varsity vs. Andover (04/27/24 2:30 PM)

Event Details

Our victory against Andover was a great show of strength and diversity as a team. We opened fiercely into the first quarter with Rowan Dias ‘27 leading what would become a twelve goal game. Griffin Mariani ‘26 followed twice, ending the first quarter with spirits high. Our late quarter goals proved we weren’t pressured by the clock with Jack Forsyth ‘26 offering three game goals. A second quarter interception by Will Kertesz ‘27, who also picked up a ground ball, made sure Andover stayed far from our side of the turf. Two saves by Yousef El Wabory ‘25 proved that our offensive and defensive measures were maximized. Leo Zhao ‘26 was a ground ball star, using his long pole to control five loose balls, maintaining possession. We won the majority of the face offs, with FOGO Hutson Staniford ‘27 being supported by many teammates, including one groundball from Bendeguz Levai ‘24 and two from Sawyer Johnson ‘25. Our diversity of talent on the field mixed with our dedication both offensively and defensively made for a successful double digit score. Our morale is high as we prepare to travel to Cardigan Mountain School on 5/1/24.