Squash (Boys): Thirds vs. Bement (01/06/24 11:00 AM)

Event Details

Deerfield faced a strong team from Bement, coming from right across Old Main Street. Deerfield’s team was missing a few key players, but the match-ups between the two teams were quite even in quality, making for some close matches. At the 3-5 seeds, Teddy Gonzalez ’26, Bryan Gianvecchio ’26, and Luc Ruminski ’27 won their matches against their spunky counterparts. Bement’s #1 and #2 bested Deerfield’s players, however. Impressively, Blix Salz ’24, at the #2 spot, got a game off of his opponent when he was 2 games down. Though it was a tough loss to swallow, Deerfield’s team took it in stride, and they’re looking forward to their rematch against Eaglebrook this coming Wednesday.