Volleyball (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. NMH (09/09/23 4:45 PM)

Event Details

In an exhilarating JV girls’ volleyball match, Deerfield faced off against NMH in a rollercoaster of a game that showcased their sheer determination and teamwork. The Deerfield team started strong, dominating the first two sets as NMH struggled to handle the relentless serves and powerful strikes from outside hitter Devon ’25. Newcomers Karen ’26 and Silvie ’26 displayed remarkable skills in setting, positioning the team for a commanding lead. The defensive prowess of Blake ’27 and Gracie ’25, repeatedly hitting the target, ensured tough balls stayed in play. Middles Olivia ’25 and Ariana ’26 aggressively attacked the net, making it challenging for NMH to respond. However, Deerfield faced a setback, losing their momentum and struggling with clean sets, which affected their ability to score. Despite the mounting pressure, Alice ’26 stepped up, acing the opponents and adapting to a new rotation position simultaneously. The game reached a crucial point in the fifth set, with Deerfield regaining their momentum. Blake ’26 led a remarkable service run, putting NMH on the back foot, and Gracie ’26 sealed the victory with a powerful service run, complemented by a clever tip from Olivia ’25. The team’s resilience and skill were on full display, leaving them energized and prepared for their upcoming matches against Williston and St. Paul’s.