Event Details

The Deerfield Doors rolled up to Northfield Mount Hermon’s campus to take on some league rivals in the Boars and the Pelicans of both Loomis and St. Paul’s provenance, as well as runners from Cushing Academy, Concord Academy, and Keene. The boys events were split into two separate races, and the Deerfield harriers won both the varsity and junior varsity contests. Arafat Jama ’27 took second overall in the varsity race, and Max Wang ’25 took third just steps behind his young teammate. For their efforts, both of those runners took home seasonally appropriate trophies: decorative gourds. In the junior varsity race, four of the top ten finishers wore the Green and White, led by Chas Arnold ’25 who took second overall and thus also earned a pumpkin. Next up, the Deerfield runners will head to the Granite State to take on the Pelicans of St. Paul’s School on their beautiful home course in Concord.

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