Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. Four Rivers Tournament (5/20/2023 12:00 PM)

Event Details

Four Rivers Tournament, May 20, 2023
Game 1 v. Charlemont. Loss: 6-9.
Highlights: A strong first game of the day!  Zhexuan Li ’23 had several great midfield plays, Alejandro Simon ’23 had a superb D in the endzone.  The most fun goal was Alice Ai ’24 to Forrest Gao ’23.  Nice job!
Game 2 v. Brattleboro Union High School. Win: 9-8.
This game was our best game of the day, not because we won but because of the great spirit on both teams and sense of good, clean, competitive play on the field.  We also had a lot of variety in our assist-goal pairings in this game.  Here are the people who either assisted or caught disks for goals: Jeff Wang ’23, Sunshine Chen ’23, Alejandro, Elena Tskhvitaria ’25, Bonnie Pang ’24, and Zhexuan.  As you may know, it is custom to offer a song or poem to the opposing team (after the game) to celebrate good spirit.  Here is our post-game poem for the Brattleboro “Brattle Snakes”: “You’re the team with purple shirts/ You make us run until it hurts./We love your cuts, your throws, your fakes/ ‘Cause you’re the Ultimate “Brattle Snakes.”
Game 3 v. Four Rivers, Boys JV: Loss: 7-8.  This game was also a great-spirited game.  Lily Lin ’23 made our first goal, Jeff had a terrific D near the endzone, and Alice made an awesome wing play. On a side note: The players of games 2 & 3 both voted us the most spirited team of the day.  Yay, Deerfield!
Game 4 v. Four Rivers, Girls Varsity: Loss 7-8.  Some of the details of this game were a little tricky, but we also realize it had been a long day for everyone.  It had also been raining pretty steadily for quite some time by the time the game hit its stride.  The field was slippery, the kids with glasses could hardly see—you can imagine the scene.  Forrest and Jeff scored the first two points.  Then Four Rivers swooped in, to tie.  A while later, we were tied for 3, and later still, we were tied for 7.  Who really won this game?  Maybe it was Forrest, for his sideways layout for goal # 7.  Maybe it was Alice Ai, for the best pull of the day.  Maybe it was all of us, for sticking it out through thick and thin, through wind and mud and pouring rain, to finish the season knowing we had really left it all on the field. In any case, we left with good spirits, great camaraderie, and the satisfaction of a season well played.  Go Big Green!