Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. Westminster School (4/29/2023 2:00 PM)

Event Details

Okay, so maybe I was a little too enthusiastic with my “the more games, the better” attitude in my last writeup (please go back and read it, if you haven’t yet!).  Three games in one week is actually a lot, especially when we’re down several players and our bench is super short.  The Westie club team, which we had played earlier in the season, chose not to put 2/7 female-identifying players on the field at a time, as they had April 12, but our all-gender team has been playing mostly boy-only teams this season, so it was par for the course.

Shoutouts go to Kass Gifford, who, at one point, went up against two opponents and came down with the disk (very cool), to Allyson Xu, who was open a lot, to Captain Jerry Huang for good sportsmanship in communicating with the other team, to Lily Lin for a great jump-knock down on D and for keeping her head up on offense, and to Zhexuan Li, not only for skying another player and creating a turnover, but also for good jump Ds in the endzone. A special shout out goes to Captain Forrest Gao.  Forrest was cutting and running so much that, at one point, we heard his mark complain, “Man!  Just stop running!”  The comment made us smile, and it reminded us of how much potential we have going into the tournament season.  Go D.A.!