Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. Frontier High School (4/26/2023 4:30 PM)

Event Details

On Wednesday, April 26, Ultimate met with our near-neighbors, Frontier High School, on our beautiful south division fields.  We jumped to an early lead as the opposition team dribbled in.  The showiest of our first three goals was Kass Gifford’s impressive scoober (or was it a hammer?  The sideline crowd disagrees) to Jerry Huang for our second goal.  As more and more Frontier players arrived and that team’s bench got deeper, we had to work harder for our points.  Jeff Wang played a hard D and also stayed open on offense, with some great catches.  Jerry executed signature long hucks early on, but then led the team in more cohesive play later in the game.

Second half highlights go to Kass for an amazingly high jump to catch our 8th goal, to Jeff for a what might be a P.R. jump in D to create a turnover, and to Elena Tskhvitaria for a great catch in the back diagonal corner of the endzone for our 10th goal.  Disk movement looked really good in the second half.  Wing movement, specifically improved, and on D, mids committed more to stopping the upline throw.  Additional shoutouts go to Alejandro Simon for excellent positioning on the field, to Kass and Zhexuan Li for always being open, and to Alice Wu for an excellent job in this first game since returning to play after an injury.  Alice, we’re so glad to have you back in play!