Rowing @ Kent on 4/8/23

Event Details

The Deerfield girls’ rowing team traveled to Kent, CT to compete against Kent School to open our racing schedule.  The weather provided excellent racing conditions: mild temperatures, a gentle tailwind and flat water.  A big thanks to the host school, Kent, for organizing this regatta!

Full race results can be found here.


In the first race of the afternoon (and 2023 season!), the girls’ third boat of Emily Bruno ‘25, Emily Rice ‘24, Liv Boe ‘25, Alexandra Fierro ‘25, Hasini Pundla ‘24, Vivian Monopoli ‘26, Elizabeth Richards ‘24, Ariana Djunic ‘26, and Hazel Patton ‘26 had a terrific start to their 1500m race.  They had an aggressive start and established an early lead over Kent.  They quickly settled to race cadence and slowly increased their lead through the middle portion of the racecourse.  Coxswain Emily Bruno steered an excellent course, keeping her crew in the most advantageous position on the river.  By the finish, Deerfield had extended its lead and crossed the line in a time of 5:24.8, ahead of Kent in 5:49.1.

A video of the race can be found here.


The second race of the afternoon was the girls’ second boat.  The crew of Charlotte Steffensen ‘25, Jane Bannon ‘26, Mia Senturk ‘24, Alice Zhang ‘24, Anna Ogborne ‘25, Melinda Aznar Klein ‘25, Elizabeth Kelly ‘25, Fiona Van Nice ‘25, and Jenny Jin ‘24 had a composed race against a very persistent crew from Kent.  The boats were fairly even in the opening minute of the race, with neither team establishing an advantage over the other.  During the second minute of the race, Deerfield was able to push themselves out to an advantage of several seats over Kent, eventually extending that lead to a little over ½ of a length.  Through the middle of the course, Kent and Deerfield went back and forth with Kent regaining several seats before Deerfield pushed back out again.  It was a strong row from both teams, but eventually Deerfield was able to extend its lead to 1 boat length over Kent.  DA crossed the line in a time of 5:26.4, just slightly ahead of Kent in 5:29.7.

A video of the race can be found here.


In the final race of the afternoon, the girls’ first boat of Emi Takegami ‘25, Lillian Auth ‘24, Tatum Lowe ‘25, Georgia Sackrey ‘23, Natalie Meyer ‘23, Teagan Farley ‘26, Rachel Mark ‘23, Larrabee Pollack ‘23, and Margot McAuliffe ‘24 started their race well.  After Kent jumped out to a slight advantage in the opening strokes, Deerfield slowly moved back into them and established a small lead as both teams lengthened to their respective race cadence.  Through the middle of the racecourse, Deerfield was able to move ahead of a determined Kent crew.  By the finish, DA had established an open-water lead and crossed the finish line in a time of 5:08.9, ahead of Kent in 5:25.7.

A video of the race can be found here.

The Deerfield girls had a great afternoon on the Housatonic River and they look to continue their season next weekend when they scrimmage Winsor School on the Charles River in Boston!