Volleyball (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. Williston (10/04/23 3:00 PM)

Event Details

25-14, 25-8, 25-8

In an electrifying game against Williston, the Deerfield Academy JV Girls Volleyball team emerged victorious in three thrilling sets. The Deerfield girls displayed exceptional teamwork, determination, and a level of play that left us in awe. Ariana Djunic ’26 showcased her incredible defensive skills with impressive blocks at the net. Her timely blocks disrupted Williston’s offensive strategies. Olivia Smit ’25 delivered a jaw-dropping performance with an astonishing streak of 9 consecutive aces in the second set. Williston attempted to break her rhythm with timeouts, but Olivia returned to the service line even stronger. Throughout the game, Olivia’s well-placed tips kept the opposition guessing and on their toes.

Big swings from Alice ’25 and Devon ’25 added to the excitement. At the outside hitter position, they unleashed kills that rattled Williston’s defense. Gracie Spencer ’25, stationed at the libero position, exhibited consistent defense by diving to save short balls. Her agility and precision in digging and receiving passes were instrumental in maintaining control and setting up successful plays. The third set saw Kingsley Carolan ’25 taking the spotlight, serving an impressive streak of 7 aces in a row. Even when Williston called timeouts to, Kingsley remained unphased, serving with unwavering conviction.

A collective defensive effort from Ariana Djunic ’26, Gracie Spencer ’25, and both Colemans, combined with smart sets from Maisy Johnson ’26 and Silvie Sobotka ’26, helped Deerfield build an insurmountable lead. Deerfield Academy’s JV Girls Volleyball team showcased not only their individual talents but also their remarkable cohesion as a team, leaving a lasting impression on the court. Congratulations to the team on another outstanding victory!