Volleyball (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. Hopkins (10/14/23 3:00 PM)

Event Details

25-11, 25-21, 25-19

The JV team struggled to find their rhythm today, but they are proud that they were determined and focused enough to bring home a win against Hopkins. In the first set, Allie ’25 went on a service run, but the team then lost possession. They quickly got a side out and Devon ’25 proved once again to be un-ice-able. But in the second set, Hopkins came out fighting, and the Deerfield team was getting in their own way, making errors and struggling to get hits. After a motivating pep-talk from captains Kingsley ’25 and Devon ’25 during a time out, the team started to turn things around. Suddenly, it was 20-20–just a game to five!–and after clinching a point and regaining the serve, Allie served 4 aces in a row to win the set. Now the team was fired up, but we had another rough start. Although Blake ’27 was passing well as our libero (a new position for her!), we struggled to win points. Maisy ’26 served well and energized the team with her smart spots, and Olivia ’25 and Ariana ’26 blocked well at the net. Blake ’27 closed out the game with two powerful aces. The team looks forward to their games next week.