Soccer (Boys): Junior Varsity vs. Exeter (10/21/23 2:30 PM)

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We played to another 0-0 draw, this time versus Exeter at home on Fall Family Weekend. It had rained all night and day and it kept raining throughout the game, making for a slippery surface and tough possession. Both teams struggled to find connections in the midfield, but I thought our guys succeeded in doing so a bit more often. We certainly had more chances than Exeter, including two strikes on the crossbar in the final ten minutes. Oscar Sanford (’26) popped a superb header on a cross from Bryan Gianvecchio (’26) capping a nicely organized attack, though sadly it pinged off the bar. Minutes later, Walker Naughton (’25), whose control on the wet grass was outstanding, launched a strike from outside the box which soared over the keeper and again bounced off the bar. Ah, what could have been! The story of this game, however, is not in the score. With only 14 players available and then two injuries during the game, another clean sheet required excellent endurance and flexibility from every player. James Kurto (’25) played his first full game at wing back and certainly had his best showing of the season. MacGregor Hynds (’25) generously moved from attacking wing to centerback, giving us stability and reliability right where we needed it. Kevin Gonzalez (’25) played wing, striker, and holding midfielder with aplomb. Andrew Lewis (’25) and Jack Borg (’27) worked extremely hard in the midfield with top notch tackling, penetration, and distribution. It was a fun game and while a win was deserved, Coach Corliss and I were extremely proud of the effort and teamwork under these conditions.