Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. MacDuffie (5/11/22 5:00 PM)

Event Details

Was it a little windy?  Yes, but Wednesday was still a great day for frisbee.  We traveled with Andy on the Green Machine to Granby, MA, to play a terrific game against the all-gender MacDuffie team.  Spirits were high and attitudes positive on both teams throughout the entire game.  Our athletes had their best game yet, with fantastic throwing and catching even in windy conditions.  Coaches were also impressed with how well players have improved their core skills (and their defensive skills in particular).  We played at a high level, with several instances of fluid, multiple-pass moves up the field backed by increasingly energetic cheering from the sidelines.  Shoutouts for this game go to Xavier Armes ’24, Jeff Wang ’23 and Toler Poole ’24. Xavier had excellent cuts and good looks on the field; Jeff was on fire both defensively and offensively, and Toler had great transitional movement, catching with confidence and then delivering the disk effectively up field.  Congratulations to all of our athletes on a much-deserved victory!​