Tennis (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. Choate (5/14/22 1:30 PM)

Event Details

On Saturday, the team took to the road to face rival Choate on their home turf. It was a tight, competitive, and hot day of tennis—and five of the eight matches were decided by a narrow two-game margin. Deerfield battled and played some brilliant tennis in order to pull out an impressive 6-1 victory.

At doubles, Chloe Acquavella and Alix Smith had the first finish (8-2); their excellent teamwork and communication propelled them to a quick win. New partners Abigail Ng and Juliet Amadeo hit their stride and also emerged victorious, 8-6. Their consistent groundstrokes and commanding net-game make for a formidable pairing!

At singles, Nainika Lebaka commanded an 8-0 shut-out, and Kate MacKenzie also wrapped up a quick 8-4 victory. The other matches were hard-fought: Giorgia Santore needed to completely adjust her approach in order to pull out a crafty 8-6 win against a very strong opponent, and Jing Wang demonstrated superhuman patience and consistency in her own 8-6 battle. Kathrine Margulis fell to the Choate #5 6-8, while Casey Kittredge emerged victorious at exhibition: 8-6.

The team will hit the road for the last time to face Longmeadow next Wednesday!


  1. ​Kate MacKenzie (W): 8-4
  2. Giorgia Santore (W): 8-6
  3. Nainika Lebaka (W): 8-0
  4. Jing Wang (W): 8-6
  5. Kathrine Margulis (L): 6-8


  1. ​Abigail Ng & Juliet Amadeo (W): 8-6
  2. Chloe Acquavella & Alix Smith (W): 8-2


  1. ​Casey Kittredge (W): 8-6