Tennis (Boys): Varsity vs. New England Championship (5/21/22 12:00 PM)

Event Details

The team clinched a spot in the post-season tournament with a victory in our final match of the regular season over Suffield.  Slotted as the sixth-seed, our first round match-up was always going to be a challenge.  The Brunswick team proved difficult to match as they brought a talented roster of players at every spot in the line-up to the first round of New England’s, hosted by Andover.  After a short rain delay, both teams took to the courts for some fierce doubles action right from the start.  Tom Molson and Joe Morsman jumped to an early lead and never looked back, notching a quick 8-3 victory.  Brick Johnson and Ethan Li competed until the end in a match with several momentum swings, but ultimately lost by a break.  The same was true for Max Peh and Jimmy Ueland as they fought hard until the end but came one break short to drop the match.

Without the advantage of the doubles point, the team faced strong headwinds on the singles side.  Up and down the ladder the players from Brunswick took control of their matches early and maintained the upper-hand until the end.  It was a swift end to a season that included plenty of moments for growth and celebration.  Guided by the leadership of Jimmy Ueland and Joe Morsman, the young collection of players that comprised the bulk of our line-up gained a fuller understanding of what it takes to find success as a Deerfield tennis player.  We didn’t always get the outcomes we wanted, but we fought hard, laughed a lot, and celebrated team spirit throughout the year.