Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. NMH (4/16/22 2:00 PM)

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While Ultimate did not bring home a “W” from the NMH fields on Saturday, coaches agree that D.A.’s performance against NMH’s Boys Varsity proved that our team is on an upward trajectory in three areas: technical skill, ability to listen and respond to coaching under the pressure of a game, and effectiveness as a dynamic team unit. We saw a lot to like over the course of this challenging competition, and we could offer compliments to every player who took the field. Three players who deserve particular attention, though, are Xavier Armas ’24, Alice Ai ’24, and Jeff Wang ’23. Xavier had some of the best hands of the day. He made several particularly difficult catches, eliciting cheers from the crowd and stymieing NMH’s defense. Alice executed beautiful cuts, maintained excellent awareness of the field, and pushed through when the going got tough. Jeff literally threw himself into the game, lunging for seemingly impossible passes and laying out whenever it upped his chances of catching the disk. Jeff definitely removed some grass from the field as he took these hits for the team. He has redefined what it means to “bleed green.”