Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. Frontier High School (4/27/22 4:30 PM)

Event Details

Finally, a game with no wind. Just kidding!  The wind was so strong it blew around the cones that marked the dimensions of the field, leading to at least one challenge of a possible goal.  We met the Frontier team for the second time this season, this time on Frontier’s home turf, and we came away with our highest number of goals this season. We are super-proud of our athletes!  Coaches were especially impressed with how coachable the team was on this day. Coaches urged handlers to pick up the disk more quickly on turnovers, and they responded in a way that made the offense significantly faster.  The prettiest play of the day was the series of fluid, confident passes thrown over the course of just a few seconds: William – Harry – William – Jeff – Toler Poole ‘24 for the goal. The crowd (such as it was) went wild!
Shoutouts for the game go to Xavier Armas ’24 for his well-executed cuts (and our first goal), Forrest Gao ’23 for superior handling (and a sweet assist for our third goal), Jeff Wang ’23 for his deep hustle and amazing ability to catch low throws, and Harry Church ’24 (returning from an injury) for his all-around excellent play.​