Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. Frontier High School (4/13/22 4:30 PM)

Event Details

Ultimate had a good showing against Frontier Regional High in its second game of the season.  The phrase of the day was “it’s the wind,” with wind speed ranging from 11-16 m.p.h. on our wide-open field.  Our opponents were fast, but D.A. players kept their heads; they rose to the challenge of a difficult game and maintained both discipline and the structure of their plays.  Shoutouts go to Miu Yatsuka ‘24 for her excellent defense and good recognition of the game, and to Captain Jerry Huang ’23, who made great choices and played every point.  Highlight of the day: early in the second half, Alice Ai ’24 created an awesome turnover with her sharp defense.  She then gave the disk to William Abou-Rjaili so that she could sprint into the end zone and receive the disk from William seconds later.  It was a wonderful moment in a game that positions the team for growth and success this spring.