Ultimate (Coed): Varsity vs. Eagle Hill School (4/29/22 4:00 PM)

Event Details

On a breezy but sunny spring day at beautiful Eagle Hill School, D.A. Ultimate engaged in a spirited game against a noble opponent.  We came out hot with a series of quick points and a strong cup defense, but then we settled a bit too much as we switched to person-on-person, and we nearly tossed away what had been a clear advantage.  It was only when Eagle Hill tied up the score that D.A. got serious and picked up the play.  Our final 15-7 win was a classic team effort.  Unlike some of our earlier games this season, our athletes, in this game, utilized every other player on the field.  They also threw and caught the disk with an impressive consistency, despite the persistent wind.  Finally, our offense looked sharp with the same sort of excellent cuts we’d been practicing all week.
Shoutouts for this game go to Toler Poole ’24, for his awesome cuts; to Jeff Wang ’23 for a great block in the end zone; to Xavier Armas ’23, for catching the disk after a near fumble, and to Miu Yatsuka ’24 for her superior field sense and her ability to constantly get open.  Congratulations to all for a well-earned victory!