Tennis (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. Suffield Academy (4/20/22 3:00 PM)

Event Details

The Girls JV Tennis team secured a second shut-out victory in Wednesday’s home match against Suffield. It was a beautiful afternoon for tennis; despite the chill, the sun was bright and the wind slowed to allow for some great matchplay. At singles, Kate MacKenzie again dominated to win at love, and Jing Wang stepped into the #4 spot; she also claimed a 6-0 win. Abigail Ng and Juliet Amadeo also pulled in strong victories: 8-2 and 8-1, respectively. Meanwhile, the doubles teams continued to display outstanding teamwork and matchplay; Giorgia Santore and Nainika Lebaka remain undefeated in the #1 spot, winning 8-1 against Suffield. Chloe Aquavella and Alix Smith fought for a nice 8-6 victory, and Kathrine Margulis and Casey Kittredge reunited to cap the day with an 8-1 win. The team celebrates its 3-0 record and looks forward to taking on  Exeter at home on Saturday!


  1. Kate MacKenzie: 8-0
  2. Abigail Ng: 8-2
  3. Juliet Amadeo: 8-1
  4. Jing Wang: 8-0


  1. ​Giorgia Santore & Nainika Lebaka: 8-1
  2. Chloe Aquavella & Alix Smith: 8-6
  3. Kathrine Margulis & Casey Kittredge: 8-1​