Tennis (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. Hotchkiss (4/30/22 3:00 PM)

Event Details

The girls JV tennis team added another outstanding win to their record on Saturday: a reduced group of nine Deerfield players faced Hotchkiss’s formidable roster and emerged with a 5-2 victory.

The afternoon began with a sweep in doubles: Giorgia Santore teamed up with Juliet Amadeo at the #1 spot, and this new partnership pulled out an 8-4 win. Meanwhile, the dynamic duo of Chloe Acquavella and Alix Smith continued their win-streak with an 8-6 nail-biter; they traded games until pulling ahead for the win after a 6-6 tie. At #3, Casey Kitteredge and Kathrine Margulis demonstrated great teamwork and net-play to win 8-5.

As the day transitioned to singles, the score became tighter: Abigail Ng and Jing Wang lost at #3 and #4 despite their best efforts; they faced strong, consistent opposition from Hotchkiss. Kate MacKenzie, meanwhile, battled at the #1 spot. She demonstrated her characteristic tenacity throughout the match, adjusting her approach in order to eventually wear down the Hotchkiss #1. And Giorgia Santore delivered another standout performance in singles; she emerged from her doubles match ready for more competition, and pulled out a great win at #2.

The team is focused on getting and staying healthy for its upcoming matches against NMH and Loomis this week!


  1. Kate MacKenzie (W): 8-6
  2. Giorgia Santore (W): 8-5
  3. Abigail Ng (L): 2-8
  4. Jing Wang (L): 6-8​


  1. Giorgia Santore & Juliet Amadeo (W): 8-4
  2. Chloe Acquavella & Alix Smith (W): 8-6
  3. Kathrine Margulis & Casey Kitteredge (W): 8-5​