Tennis (Boys): Varsity vs. Kingswood-Oxford School (4/10/22 9:00 PM)

Event Details

Day two of the tournament got off to a difficult start.  Each Deerfield player lost their semi-final match, Jimmy Euland played tough but came up short against the Groton number one and Max Peh did the same against the Groton number two.  Blix Salz lost to a strong number three from Hotchkiss, and Ethan Li had the same experience in the four spot.  The final round finished with mixed results as Max and Ethan secured victories, while Jimmy and Blix came up short.  The final rounds of doubles left Max and Ethan in third place in the number two doubles flight, while Jimmy and Tom finished sixth in theirs.   Overall, Deerfield secured enough victories to finish third overall, trailing Hotchkiss for second while a strong team from Groton finished on top.  It was a solid start to the season and the team is ready to begin a busy week of match-play.

Tournament Results


  1. Hotchkiss
  2. Deerfield
  3. Hall High School
  4. Choate (Tie)
  5. Kingswood Oxford (Tie)
  6. Lawrenceville
  7. Westminster