Squash (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. Miss Porter’s School (2/9/2022 3:30 PM)

Event Details

The Girls JV Squash team had a strong showing against Miss Porter’s today, winning each of our matches.  Olivia Waterfall represented us well in the #1 spot, and she did not let a broken racquet get in the way, as she soundly defeated her opponent in three games.  #2 Caroline Hoff had a strong showing, taking the first game after see-sawing with her opponent and then soundly defeating her with the next two games.  #3 Valentina Williamson won her match in three games and staved off her opponent’s strong efforts in game three.  #4 Hunter Pulliam pulled ahead in her first game after she fell behind, and she soundly won the next two games.  #5 Marnie Todd boasted her way to a win in three games, and #6 Stella Fierro actively supported Marnie before she defeated her opponent in three games.  #7 Avery Brooker pulled ahead in her first two games and came back in her third game to win the match.

In the exhibition games, #8 Grace Honos worked hard to win her matches, as she came back to win each game after falling behind.  #9 Kaitlyn Kelly won her match, which featured a see-saw game two.  #10 Emi Takegami had a strong match by letting her opponent get ahead only once during the match, and #11 Abby Morsman smoothly won each of her three games by not allowing a lead in each of the games.  We wish Miss Porter’s a great rest of the season, and we look forward to traveling to Andover on Saturday!