Field Hockey (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. NMH (10/5/22 2:30 PM)

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Despite the dreary weather, Deerfield JV Field Hockey came ready to play hard and have fun in our matchup today against Northfield Mount Hermon. In our second game playing with four on the offensive line, our forwards, Elizabeth Kelly ‘25, Lila Church ‘25, Casey Kittredge ‘25, Campbell Ardrey ‘26,  Avery Zakowich ‘25, Brooke Stroh ‘24, Melinda Aznar Klein ‘25, Maggie Molson ‘25, Jade Zimmerman ‘25, and Ellora Devitre ‘26, really found their rhythm. With consistent support from midfielders Linnea Dreslin ‘24 and Charlotte Steffensen ‘25, they scored four goals in the first half. The first came from Ardrey on a rebound from a shot by Kelly. The second came from a hard shot by Kelly off of a corner. Three and four came in quick succession near the end of the half from Stroh, assisted first by Aznar Klein and then by Zakowich. NMH came out flying in the second half, but a solid defensive effort by Josephine Cramer ‘24, Lalwani Surpitski ‘26, Gia Thompson ‘26, Penley Day ‘25, Sophie Petronzio ‘25, and Edie Huffard ‘25 held them scoreless. We had a much larger group cycling onto the field today than in our past games, so the 4-0 win truly was a full team effort. We’re excited to face St. Paul’s on Saturday.