Field Hockey (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. NMH (10/12/22 2:30 PM)

Event Details

On another stunning Fall day, Deerfield JV Field Hockey faced off once again against NMH, this time on their home turf. After our matchup last Wednesday, NMH, hungry for a victory, started the first half firing on all cylinders. Caught on their heels, it took the Deerfield squad the first quarter to match NMH’s intensity. By the second quarter, however, forwards Lila King ‘24, Lila Church ‘25, Campbell Ardrey ‘26, Casey Kittredge ‘25, Sophie Simonds ‘26, Melinda Aznar Klein ‘25, Melody Zhao ‘26, and Jade Zimmerman ‘25 started to find their groove. A little less than four minutes in, midfielders Emily Bruno ‘25 and Charlotte Steffensen ‘25 managed to work the ball into the circle, where it was deflected into the cage by Ardrey ‘26, for Deerfield’s first goal. After a long and scrappy second half, Deerfield finally secured the win with a second goal; the shot came from back turned midfielder Brady Weirl ‘26 from the top of the circle. While NMH kept up the offensive pressure until the final horn, thanks to a critical save by Juliet Amadeo ‘24  and the unwavering effort of defensive players Josephine Cramer ‘24, Gia Thompson ‘26, Rose Manning ‘26, Edie Huffard ‘25, Oliva Port ‘26, and Weirl ‘26, Deerfield managed to secure another shut out. We’re excited to face off against Loomis on Saturday with our family in the stands!