Soccer (Boys): Junior Varsity vs. Taft School (9/29/21 3:30 PM)

Event Details

We were prepared for a physical and competitive game today and that’s what we got. Right from kickoff, the pace was quick and both sides struggled to gain any room in the midfield. Taft scored midway through the half on an outstanding strike on a free kick, which went over the wall and hit the post. Things got emotional at this point, but we kept our composure and outworked Taft on the and the midfield and on the wings. Bob Zhang came off his line twice at this stage to save would-be goals to keep us at 0-1. Newcomer Zach Li was very strong at center back as well. We eventually tied the game at 1-1 on an impressive aerial turn by Heskey Samu, who then put a strong shot into the keeper’s body and it bounded over him into the net. Soon after, a player from Taft received his second yellow card and they played into halftime, and the rest of the game, a man down. After halftime, with Tom Spater in net, our side kept its cool through some contentious tackles, remained focused, and kept working hard. Mukhtar Handulle finished a sequence in the box to give us the lead, then soon after Brick Johnson streaked down the right wing and put another home. With a 3-1 lead, we kept pressing and possessing the ball. Theo Lewis made a strong solo effort down the right wing and was shoved off the ball in the box. He was awarded a penalty kick and finished it upper right. Coach Corliss and I were proud of the full 80 minute effort, the positive attitude, and the collective focus especially as we cycled all 19 healthy field players in and out. This was a well-earned, full team victory.