Field Hockey (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. Hotchkiss (9/25/21 2:00 PM)

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We lost a hard-fought away game against perennial field hockey strength Hotchkiss on one of the most beautiful days of the fall so far. Our three seniors in today’s game held us together. Each girl’s particular strengths and leadership contributed to pulling us through: captain Coco de Vink’s cool-headed and timely observations about what needed to change, and especially her positive, supportive way of expressing those ideas; captain Tioba Akinjaiyeju’s steadfast, dependable strength, her communication in the moment, and her ability to maintain poise under pressure; and assistant captain Maddie Benello’s sharp field sense in always knowing exactly where to be at the right time, both in the backfield on defense and in the forward line on attack. Forward Jo Louis ’23, with her speed and agility moving up the field on attack, had us almost at the door; we just need a little more coherence and coordination on the transition – strengthening our passing and support – to be able to close that door with a shot on goal. Speaking of! In the face of relentless attacks in the circle, goalies Ashley LaBrucherie ’23 and Juliet Amadeo ’24 saved us, again and again. Their resolve – quick reactions and level-headed play – kept us in the game. Today’s lessons in mind, we’re looking ahead to next week’s contest.