Event Details

The Doors traveled to Brattleboro with a very limited roster due to injury and illness. Despite having no subs the team had a great attitude and work ethic. Hadley Carey ‘24 had the first goal off of a beautiful long shot from the outside. The Doors continued to pressure the ball and with one minute left in the first half Hadley Carey crossed a pass that Alex Gold ‘23 knocked in with authority. After a much needed break at the half, Deerfield persevered and continued to push offensively. Grace Honos ‘22 had a nice goal from a cross by Annabelle Brennan ‘23, followed shortly by an amazing effort for a breakaway goal by Alix Smith ‘25. The game’s fifth and final goal was scored by Ella Hynds ‘23. Deerfield worked hard and prevailed against the odds. It was a team win with many contributors.