Event Details

Boat 1:
Deerfield – 4:38.62
Winsor – 4:45.27

Boat 2:
Deerfield – 4:51.92
Winsor – 4:53.33

Boat 3:
Deerfield – 5:00.08
Winsor – 5:20.38

Boat 4:
Deerfield – 5:17.24
Winsor – 5:13.64

Girls’ rowing finished the season well Saturday as four fours traveled to the Charles River in Boston to race Winsor, and all boats finished in front!  Each crew led from the start, and while Winsor fought gamely the whole way, our crews were able to stay in control of the race. The majority of our girls had never rowed on the Charles so after a strong race effort, they were able to enjoy a fun row home on the iconic river.  It was a great season, a strong effort both from the crews that raced and from the rest of the teammates who contributed to our speed, and we’re thrilled to be able to send off our amazing class of 2021 on such a high note.  Go Big Green!