Event Details

Today was our final match of the season and it was a rematch from yesterday, this time at Cushing Academy’s campus. Deerfield was again victorious. We brought only 8 players to match Cushing’s squad and played only single sets because court space was limited. It was senior day for Cushing and we honored two of their players before we began, but once the play started, our players shined. Of note, Nainika Lebaka and Ainslie Kell did, in fact, bounce back to beat the doubles team which defeated them yesterday. We won handily at every position under bright sunshine and enjoyed ice cream on the way home. Great day!

1S Kate MacKenzie won 6-0
2S Girogia Santore won 6-2
1D Ainslie Kell//Nainika Lebaka won 6-4
2D Coco De Vink//Juliet Amadeo won 6-2
3D Lauren Mitchell//Summer Zhou won 6-1 (and then again 6-0 in an exhibition match)