Squash (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. Hotchkiss (12/4/2021 4:00 PM)

Event Details

After missing the 2020-2021 season, Deerfield’s Girls JV Squash program came back with a 6-1 win against Hotchkiss! Isha Rao and Camila Cushman came in from the Varsity team to play in our #1 and #2 spots, respectively. Isha challenged her opponent through five games, while Camila beat her opponent in three sets. #3 Olivia Waterfall fought hard to pull off a win in four sets, and her win included a hard-fought, 15-13 win in set three. #4 Caroline Hoff and #5 Hunter Pulliam both won in three sets, and #6 Zeyna Ilahi won against her opponent in five strong sets. #7 Stella Fierro, a newcomer to the JV program, won in three matches.

We also had some exhibition matches today, with #8 Avery Brooker fighting hard in a loss against her Hotchkiss opponent, and #9 Abby Morsman fought back to win her third set after dropping the first two. #10 Valentina Williamson won against newcomer #11 Emi Takegami in three sets, and #12 Kaitlyn Kelly beat newcomer #13 Grace Honos in four sets. The girls had a strong showing overall this afternoon, and we look forward to hosting Milton Academy’s JV team on Wednesday.