Basketball (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. St. Paul’s (12/11/2021 4:00 PM)

Event Details

The Deerfield team got off to a strong start with Cori Scagel ‘25 making two buckets in the first two minutes of the game. St. Paul’s found an answer by getting six points of their own, only for Cori to quickly equalise with another two. Fiona Van Nice ‘25 came in off the bench and quickly made her presence on the court known by sinking a two, and then Mary O’Shea ‘25 scored on a free throw. The reds kept the greens at bay for the rest of the first half, but DA fought back in the second half with a basket from Mary in the first minute. In the third minute of the second half Cori made a three, spurring the team on for Elena Tskhvitaria ‘25 to make a basket after an amazing steal and run from Fiona. The team played more aggressively in the second half, with Nainika Lebaka ‘24 scoring the basket that put Deerfield a point ahead with five minutes to go. St. Paul’s responded by scoring five points in quick succession, and managed to hold Deerfield off until the final whistle blew. The greens showed great progress, especially in terms of communication, and we are looking forward to competing again after the break!