Soccer (Boys): Junior Varsity vs. Choate (11/13/21 10:30 AM)

Event Details

We finished with a record of 11-2-2 with two winnable games pulled from our schedule late in the season. We likely would have finished 13-2-2, which would have been a high water mark for JV Boys Soccer in the last six years. This team was a ton of fun as well. When we played the Varsity, the varsity players remarked on how hard it was to compete with us because our guys were laughing and being goofy while they competed hard. Our spirit was unbreakable and this is why we came back to tie Exeter, beat Avon after being down 1-2, and held on to a 2-1 lead at NMH. We made our mistakes, but we always worked hard to correct them and we always won and lost as a team. It was sometimes hard to manage our intense competitiveness, but we are extremely proud of this group’s growth in sportsmanship. We were too negative toward our opponents early on. When we saw how devastating red cards were to our poorly behaved opponents, we began behaving better on the field and bench. And by season’s end (thanks to some really good sports from other teams), we grew to respect competition and our opponents more deeply and authentically. We are very much looking forward to next season!