Soccer (Boys): Junior Varsity vs. St. Paul’s (10/9/21 2:30 PM)

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Missing several players, we bounced back from our first loss. We pressured St. Paul’s well on their field, hitting two posts before the half, though ending the half down 0-1. Bob Zhang made a great save and we couldn’t clear the rebound before they popped it on. About ten minutes into the second half, Ocean Feng lined up a free kick just outside the box on the right wing, earned by freshman winger Yesung Lam. St. Paul’s assembled no wall and Ocean took that as an invitation to shoot. He drilled a knee-high laser on goal and a defending player tipped it past his goalie for the equalizer. Our defense was thinner on the bench today which forced several players, including Henry Griffin, Jamie Weymouth, Eddy Rena, and Davey Mazur to log more minutes thsn usual. And Tom Spater made several key plays to keep the match even. We exerted more pressure in the end, however, and finally broke through. With under three minutes to go, Peter Kurto outran his defender down the right wing and cut a bounding cross back for oncoming midfielder Mukhtar Handulle to finish expertly with a strong left foot to the near panel. Both teams played a spirited and gentlemanly match. Many St. Paul’s players offered to help our players up after a foul was called and were generous in defeat as we shook hands.