Soccer (Boys): Junior A vs. Andover (10/30/21 1:30 PM)

Event Details

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, Deerfield’s Thirds Boys Soccer team secured a 2-0 victory against Andover. Unused to playing in the rain, Deerfield quickly learned how to move and strategize against a formidable opponent in sub-optimal weather. Twenty-one minutes in, as the rain picked up intensity, Jake Rohan ’24 shot a stunning ball from well behind the center line that soared over the field and slid past Andover’s goalie. The game continued with nail-biting tension, as Andover’s cunning offense sent numerous shots to Deerfield’s goalie Jack Chorske ’22, who stood ready for any shot. In the last five minutes, a powerful goal kick from Chorske set up the opportunity for Alex Rolfe ’24 to zoom past the two Andover players on his tail and score a goal. Andover played intelligently and consistently throughout the game; Deerfield’s goalie and captain Jack Chorske ’22, however, was the linchpin of the team, as he never let Andover’s numerous shots get past him. Deerfield’s team looks forward to its final away game this coming Wednesday against Avon Old Farms.