Field Hockey (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. St. Paul’s (10/9/21 2:00 PM)

Event Details

A tough but energetic loss to a team that was super quick on the ball, this away game showed us what we still need to work on. Our defense did an incredible job holding St. P’s to a respectable final score — with some really great saves in both halves by our two goalies, Ashley LaBrucherie ‘23 and Juliet Amadeo ‘24. In numbers of corners, we almost matched our opponent: we had five, they had seven — but we weren’t quite able to turn those good opportunities into actual goals. Through some excellent passing, we created several heart-stopping opportunities to score — notably from middies to forwards — but we just couldn’t manage to capitalize. Our lone senior in the game, captain Zeyna Ilahi, held the game together from the backfield, and in shout-outs best captured the general mood of the game: given our general positivity and energy on the field, you’d never guess it was a loss. Lots of good lessons learned. Onward!