Field Hockey (Girls): Junior Varsity vs. Exeter (10/2/21 4:00 PM)

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Our 12 corners in today’s late-afternoon win against Exeter pretty much sum up the team’s high energy and extraordinary effort all around. Our single goal (first of the season!) arrived late in the game — with an assist from right middie Linnea Dreslin ‘24, at the bottom right of the circle, to center middie Charlotte Steffensen ‘24, at stroke (with a lift: nice). Textbook! That well-executed, beautifully coordinated action — keeping the width, anticipating the right spot to receive a pass — expresses two ideas we’ve been working on (and doing better at) this past week, as well as what we made happen as a full team in the game overall, across the board, backs to mids to forwards. Notable performances today came from back Josephine Cramer ‘24 on transition, whose free hits/self-starts consistently boomed their way through defenders to initiate our attack; from Cornelia Streeter ‘23, at right back, who was always in position to support her middies, either keeping the attack alive or creating the transition; and from goalie Juliet Amadeo ‘24, whose huge save in the second half, in one of the few moments they put pressure on us, kept up essential momentum. With seven subs in today’s game, everyone played a part in the win, while the combined positive energy, effort, and work ethic from today’s quartet of captains and seniors — Tioba Akinjaiyeju, Maddie Benello, Zeyna Ilahi, and Kate Stenger — helped carry the day. We’re super proud of this full-team win!